The Emerging Church And Perichoresis 

Movements Examined

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The sole purpose of this discussion paper (60 odd pages) is to bring awareness about changes taking place within Evangelical, Charismatic and Pentecostal churches. The Emerging Church Movement is the vehicle for a variety of these changes

 There are those who will condemn anything and everything identified with the Emerging Church Movement - that is not my position. However, there are those within the Movement - usually identified as Emergents - that are a cause for concern. In this discussion paper, I have tried not to be reactionary but to take an objective look at what is taking place within the Evangelical/Charismatic Christian World. There is also a section on the Perichoresis Movement that is making inroads in a number of Evangelical churches and para-church/mission agencies. Like the Emerging Church Movement, there are aspects to this movement that are within the boundaries of orthodoxy, but unfortunately, also aspects that go well outside the fundamental tenets of orthodox Christianity.